Target Audience

Business Owners who are planning to participate in virtual exhibitions


90 – 120 min Each Session

Best time to conduct the program

15 – 20 days before the show

Mode of Conducting The Consultation

3 power packed training sessions


Gagan Kapoor (Exhibition Success Consultant)

Our Solution
End Result


Challenges faced by organisations during exhibitions

Exhibitions, a cost center or a profit center?

Exhibitions are a good tool to get leads, but are we maximising it yet? Not sure. It is still an expense and not a profit center How do we make our booth the most happening in the show?

Visitor engagement challenges

How do we attract visitors to our booth? Visitor engagement at the booth needs to be better. How do they stay back longer How should our teams spend more time with good quality visitors and wrap up unwanted visitors swiftly?

Visitor engagement challenges

How do we attract visitors to our booth? Visitor engagement at the booth needs to be better. How do they stay back longer? How should our teams spend more time with good quality visitors and wrap up unwanted visitors swiftly?

Team performance challenges

My teams are not yet aligned / trained to maximise / close leads. I expect a better performance from the team. They have got their own interpretation of the product pitch and not sure if they all speak the common language


Implications of not preparing well for virtual fairs

The loss in faith in virtual exhibitions as a tool to generate quality leads

  • Only few good leads from each show
  • Many say the virtual exhibitions don’t work
  • Lack of technical understanding leads to loss of interest
  • Most of the visitors appear to be level 1 or “no further action” category
  • The end result looks like only to collect the data and send
  • The average meaningful visitor interactions are less than 5% of the expected numbers
  • The perception of the show being an expense and a Negative ROI.


Topics Covered

The right marketing and communications tools

  • How to identify target customers and frame communication for each one of them?
  • What kind of digital marketing should i do before the show?
  • What should be the content of brochures and videos?
  • What communication makes maximum impact and will start level 2 discussions? 

Sales and Prospecting

  • Importance of prospecting and how to identify the right customers to target?
  • How to start conversations with visitors?
  • How to ask the right questions?
  • How to answer objections about competitors

Visibility & Engagement among 100s of exhibitors

  • With 1000s of visitors on online platform, how will they turn up on my booth?
  • Once they land-up on my booth, how will my communication engage with them and impress them?
  • How will I increase the face to face video calls with visitors?
  • Why will they send a message to initiate a discussion forward?

Post Exhibition follow-up process

  • Techniques to close leads better
  • What is the right follow up strategy during or post the show?
  • What kind of emails should I send to them? What is the format?
  • Who all should I call from a big list of visitors
  • Once I call, what do I talk to them?

End Result

End Resultof Our / Virtual Exhibition Ready Program

0 %
Average Increase in Total Leads Collected
0 %
Increase in Level 2 Conversations / Demo Meetings / Proposal Requests
  • Present yourself with super impact in the virtual fair and get noticed
  • Over 75% average increase in the total leads collected
  • About 200% increase in the level 2 conversations / demo meetings / proposal
  • A big jump in the brand perception by the visitors, exhibitors & organisers during
    the show
  • Clarity in the process of sales and product pitch has a direct impact on non-show
    sales endeavours and meeting

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Happy clients, enhanced business sales is all what we aim for and our customers open up their hearts to talk about us
The way you seamlessly worked with the core committee of GEAR giving your valuable ideas to market our event better and to make the show more impactful and the way you dealt with FICCI on behalf of GEAR to maximise the benefits for its members and your 3 focussed trainings on the technical aspect, marketing/branding and how to sell better were truly commendable. Our Core committee was extremely happy with your consulting.

Vimal Shah

President, Garment Export Association of Rajasthan
Jaipur, India

Dear Gagan, I would like to thank you for helping us with a series of trainings which you have conducted on marketing, sales and personal development for our members which have helped them greatly enhance their business strategies & understanding of marketing process. Your practical approach to these trainings has resulted in many members implementing it in their businesses and achieving success. Thank you Gagan for making a difference.

Rajesh Baisya

Executive Director
BNI Raipur, India

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