The First Goal of Exhibitions which can make you millions!

Are you one of the exhibitors who is passionate about your business but came back a little disappointed from the last show you participated in?  

We all know that one of the key reasons why you achieve something in life is that you set goals and work on those goals. I am a big fan of Jim Rohn whose goal setting principles I follow every day.  

Like you set goals in your life and in your business, you also need to set goals when you go to your exhibitions or prepare for your exhibition. So what are these goals what you need to set and how do we really follow it? 

There are five kinds of goals which you should set when you decide to participate in an exhibition. Today we will be talking about the first goal which is the worry of most of the exhibitors.

The first goal you should look at is how many visitors will visit my booth during the exhibition and I know, while you say that this is not in my control, I would like to tell you that this is very much in your control if you plan and manage it carefully. Just don’t rely fully on the organisers. It is the biggest mistake you will ever make. 

How many people land up on your booth is the sum total of the following 6 things. Do these 6 things and your booth can become the most happening booth in the exhibition. You can also watch the youtube video:

  1. Amount of digital marketing you do before the show, so people come to the exhibition looking for your stall. Yes, it is possible.
  2. The prospecting emails which you send to your potential buyers generating the need for them to not miss your stand. The first level of confidence for these new prospects will start coming once they see an impressive display and demo of yours. 
  3. Invitation to High probables – Some of the probables whom you are already in talks with and are most likely to buy and may get highly impressed with you once they see your demo at the exhibition. They need to be there. 
  4. Your customers – Yes it is important to invite your current customers because they are the best ones who can buy from you again without any hesitation and it is important for you to tell them what is new with you. 
  5. Communication – From people, I would like to switch to communication. Why will the people, who are walking past the aisle, are going to stop at your booth, what will catch their attention? It is the right kind of communication on the booth that will make sure that you have people entering and showing interest. 
  6. Last but not least it is the attitude of your team members that is going to make sure that not only visitors stop by or enter your booth but they will also interact with you, ask for presentations and demos. Yes, attitude is infectious and it is one thing that your team has to carry if you want super success from your trade show. 

So this was about the first goal what you need to set, that is, how many visitors you aim to bring. Go ahead, fix a number, higher than what you expect and work towards it. Tell you team, track it every day of the show and calibrate your strategy to bring more visitors the next day. 

Gagan Kapoor, Exhibition Success consultant

Thank You and Happy Exhibiting.


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