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Go4Growth Consulting & Sero Group


We are India’s leading organisation focussing on Marketing success for organisations through consulting and training and first to have developed exhibitor lead management app.

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Marketing & Branding are two of the most ignored segments by the Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs & MSMEs) and even though the business owners understand the importance of it, the lack of knowledge in correct implementation  of marketing strategy leaves them high and dry. 

Our Vision is to bring the knowledge & depth of marketing to the SMEs & MSMEs so they can understand, implement and reap benefits of an effective strategy in their business growth. 


Our mission is to impact 500 organisations by 31st December 2026, in helping them achieve the following:

  1. Being able to present themselves well to their prospects
  2. Bring focus to their brand message
  3. Bring clarity in communication for each of their target customers


Learn how we achieve excellence in business through Marketing Consulting!

Our step by step process of consulting is designed to make your marketing activities reach more potential customers, get more leads and help them convert to paying customers. 


Our process is derived from an understanding developed from 21+ years experience in managing 2000+ projects & 340+ customers combining it with well tested principles of marketing and sales.

Marketing is all about building a value proposition for a prospect, creating a laser focussed communication and adopting channels that help you sell. At Go4Growth Consulting, we help you weave a unique marketing plan customised to your unique challenges which ensures business success.

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We currently have 9 signature trainings on marketing success and 4 on exhibitor success with over 36000 people trained. Connect with us if you are an organisation with a large marketing team, a trade association, an organiser or an exhibitor. More than likely we have a solution for you. 

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Our 4 week marketing training (2.5 hrs each week) gives you a systematic way of building a marketing plan for your business, clarity in communication, learn the new methods of marketing and take control of your marketing tools to impress your customers better.

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Go4Growth Consulting


All our solutions are customised and unique and they bring great amount of clarity and simplication in communicating with your customers.

Clarity in identification of target markets

Laser focus communication to each target segment

A big jump in brand perception by your prospects and customers

Know what marketing channels work for your business

Over 75% average increase in the total leads collected

About 200% increase in the level 2 conversations / proposal requests



India’s leading marketing consultant for SMEs and MSMEs and India’s first trainer to develop exhibitor success trainings

Connect with us & be updated on how to take your Marketing to next level.


Happy clients, enhanced business sales is all what we aim for and our customers open up their hearts to talk about us
The way you seamlessly worked with the core committee of GEAR giving your valuable ideas to market our event better and to make the show more impactful and the way you dealt with FICCI on behalf of GEAR to maximise the benefits for its members and your 3 focussed trainings on the technical aspect, marketing/branding and how to sell better were truly commendable. Our Core committee was extremely happy with your consulting.

Vimal Shah

President, Garment Export Association of Rajasthan
Jaipur, India

Dear Gagan, I would like to thank you for helping us with a series of trainings which you have conducted on marketing, sales and personal development for our members which have helped them greatly enhance their business strategies & understanding of marketing process. Your practical approach to these trainings has resulted in many members implementing it in their businesses and achieving success. Thank you Gagan for making a difference.

Rajesh Baisya

Executive Director
BNI Raipur, India


Talk to us to find out how we can suggest long and short term strategies that will help you attain marketing success. 

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This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.