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Helping organisations stand out of competition and propel their way to business success

Is any of this happening to you?

Facing too much competition

Not being able to expand to new markets

Business Pipeline is drying up

Lack of direction in business strategy

Challenge adopting new marketing methods

Customer Service issues


Learn how we achieve excellence in business through Marketing Consulting!

Our step by step process of consulting is designed to make your marketing activities reach more potential customers, get more leads and help them convert to paying customers. 


Defining a marketing plan

It all starts with a plan. We help you create a marketing plan which will set the guidelines for all strategy which we need to implement


Set marketing foundations by getting clarity on Product Strategy, Customer Segmentation, Price Points, Target Markets and much more


We help you define a unique selling proposition (USP) and create a differentiation in the market


Why will customers buy from you & why will they pay extra to work with you. Build a value proposition which attracts high paying customers

COmmunication strategy

Seamlessly plan your communication for various kinds of prospects, leads and customers


Find the perfect combination of online + offline channels which can help you take the flight to growth


Take control of all your leads by perfectly segmenting and capturing them in a systematic manner


Get control of your sales by building a detailed sales plan, innovative prospecting methods and set up sales trackers


How to get a better return on investment (ROI) from the events, conferences and trade shows you participate

Go4Growth Consulting


Through our Marketing Consulting, we are passionately helping businesses differentiate so they stand out of the competition and expand into new markets faster. 

Handcrafted Strategy

Simplified Marketing

Be visible where it matters

Reach the right customers

Over 75% average increase in the total leads collected

About 200% increase in the level 2 conversations / proposal requests

How We Work

4 Steps to make a successful marketing plan

Come share with us your challenges and we will help you plan a customise marketing strategy tailor-made to take your business to the next level.  

Share Your Challenges
Talk to us in a no obligation 1-2-1 meeting and share what challenges you are currently facing in business
Our Customised Offer
Based on the challenges, we will create a customised proposal & give you an offer of engagement
The Marketing Plan
One engaged, we start working on your marketing plan and create a strategic shift in your business
Once we finalise the plan, we help you take it to the market and implement it across channels

Go4Growth Consulting & Sero Group


We are India’s leading organisation focussing on Marketing Consulting and Marketing Trainings for SMEs and first to have developed exhibitor success trainings.

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India’s leading marketing consultant for SMEs and MSMEs and India’s first trainer to develop exhibitor success trainings


Happy clients, enhanced business sales is all what we aim for and our customers open up their hearts to talk about us
We have been supported by Expert advice and consultation in the field of Marketing by Mr. Gagan Kapoor. He could dig lot of information out of me, for our business which I was unable to see for myself in my own business. He not only helped me see the potential with a different sight where the future exists but also helped us create everything from scratch from basic communication to market acquisition strategies. He has created marketing techniques which would help us automate our marketing process. Thank you, Gagan Kapoor ji for the kind of support structure you have created.

Mukesh Bansal

Btrack India Cloud Solutions

Within a few months of getting onboard, Gagan and the G4G team have turned around our marketing & sales efforts & devised a marketing plan matching our specific requirements. Along with exploring various marketing channels, Gagan is helping us portray as Quality Control Specialists which has completely changed our perception in the industry. Thank You Gagan for Transforming us!

Manjit Singh Saini

CEO & Executive Director
Paramount Instruments Pvt Ltd

The way you seamlessly worked with the core committee of GEAR giving your valuable ideas to market our event better and to make the show more impactful and the way you dealt with FICCI on behalf of GEAR to maximise the benefits for its members and your 3 focussed trainings on the technical aspect, marketing/branding and how to sell better were truly commendable. Our Core committee was extremely happy with your consulting.

Vimal Shah

President, Garment Export Association of Rajasthan
Jaipur, India

Dear Gagan, I would like to thank you for helping us with a series of trainings which you have conducted on marketing, sales and personal development for our members which have helped them greatly enhance their business strategies & understanding of marketing process. Your practical approach to these trainings has resulted in many members implementing it in their businesses and achieving success. Thank you Gagan for making a difference.

Rajesh Baisya

Executive Director
BNI Raipur, India


Talk to us to find out how we can suggest long and short term strategies that will help you attain marketing success. 



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