Focussed approach to problem solving
Flexibility to individual corporate needs
Team Skill Development
User Centric Solutions
Bring Innovation & Collaboration

“Unlock your creativity and problem-solving skills with Design Thinking!”


Solve Complex Problems

User Centric Design Approach

Better Customer Engagement

Instill Collaboration & Innovation

Team Skills Development

Cross Functional Alignment

Design Thinking workshops


What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is an iterative process in which designers seek to understand users, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be immediately obvious. It combines creativity with analytical research to solve complex problems or create new opportunities.


Currently we have 3 workshop formats for various stakeholders in the industry right from students to senior leadership. Our workshops are derived from our years of practical experience & knowledge of design thinking process.

Welcome to our 3-day Senior Leadership Workshop on Design Thinking! This immersive program is designed for senior leaders who want to learn how to solve complex problems and drive innovation within their organization.

Our 3 Day program for senior & middle managers lets learn the principles and techniques of design thinking, a human-centered approach to problem-solving that has been used by some of the world’s most successful companies.


Over the course of this workshop on design thinking, students learn how to empathize with users, define problems, ideate potential solutions, prototype and test their ideas, and iterate based on feedback. They will also learn how to work effectively in a team and collaborate on projects.

Go4Growth Consulting & Inspired Innovators


We are India’s leading organisation focussing on design thinking workshops with an eye on solving critical challenges amongst the teams

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One of the authorities in Marketing, Consulting and Design thinking with an experience spread over 26 years.



India’s leading marketing consultant for SMEs and MSMEs and India’s first trainer to develop exhibitor success trainings

Go4Growth Consulting & Inspired Innovators


Our expert facilitators will guide you through a series of hands-on exercises and case studies on design thinking, providing you with practical experience in problem-solving and equipping you with the tools and skills needed to tackle complex challenges.

Balanced, Creative & Critical Thinking

Focussed approach to problem solving

Flexibility and adaptability to individual corporate needs

Deep Focus on Human Experience

Enhance analytical & presentation skills of the team

Better collaborations within the teams


Happy clients, enhanced business sales is all what we aim for and our customers open up their hearts to talk about us
We have been supported by Expert advice and consultation in the field of Marketing by Mr. Gagan Kapoor. He could dig lot of information out of me, for our business which I was unable to see for myself in my own business. He not only helped me see the potential with a different sight where the future exists but also helped us create everything from scratch from basic communication to market acquisition strategies. He has created marketing techniques which would help us automate our marketing process. Thank you, Gagan Kapoor ji for the kind of support structure you have created.

Mukesh Bansal

Btrack India Cloud Solutions

Within a few months of getting onboard, Gagan and the G4G team have turned around our marketing & sales efforts & devised a marketing plan matching our specific requirements. Along with exploring various marketing channels, Gagan is helping us portray as Quality Control Specialists which has completely changed our perception in the industry. Thank You Gagan for Transforming us!

Manjit Singh Saini

CEO & Executive Director
Paramount Instruments Pvt Ltd

The way you seamlessly worked with the core committee of GEAR giving your valuable ideas to market our event better and to make the show more impactful and the way you dealt with FICCI on behalf of GEAR to maximise the benefits for its members and your 3 focussed trainings on the technical aspect, marketing/branding and how to sell better were truly commendable. Our Core committee was extremely happy with your consulting.

Vimal Shah

President, Garment Export Association of Rajasthan
Jaipur, India

Dear Gagan, I would like to thank you for helping us with a series of trainings which you have conducted on marketing, sales and personal development for our members which have helped them greatly enhance their business strategies & understanding of marketing process. Your practical approach to these trainings has resulted in many members implementing it in their businesses and achieving success. Thank you Gagan for making a difference.

Rajesh Baisya

Executive Director
BNI Raipur, India


Talk to us to find out how we can suggest long and short term strategies that will help you attain marketing success.Β 


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