3 must do’s to get a better response from Virtual Exhibitions

Want to get a better response from virtual exhibition participations?

A lot of first time virtual exhibition participants have asked me, this question. Here are the top three things to do which will ensure you have a better response from the visitors 

  • Address a challenge – while planning graphics in the virtual 3-D booth, do not put generic graphics but a clear message addressing a challenge what your customers face. Your customers should get intrigued with that challenge and to find a solution, they must initiate a video call with you. 
  • Post a one minute video – In the video section, your first video should be a one-minute teaser “what to expect from this booth”. This gives the visitor more clarity to look into various sections of your booth and should generate enough curiosity that they feel the need to have a discussion with you.
  • Specific product catalogues for different target markets – while creating product catalogues or brochures, avoid creating one general brochure containing all your products and services. Instead, make specific product catalogues addressing different target markets. Most of the prospects come with a specific need and when they find a specific catalogue addressing their need they feel more confident in that company (seeing you as a specialist) and are then willing to take the conversation forward. 

Virtual exhibitions are all about the right communication provided in a strategic manner to give super clarity and understanding of your products and services to a prospect even before they reach you. 

A well-planned and a clear strategy to approach your prospects this way can certainly help you get more prospects enquiring about your products and services and reaching out to you by initiating a video or an audio call or to take an action to connect with you. 

Organisations taking the above steps can certainly increase the number of serious leads by as many as three times the average lead collection and this can make your exhibition participation highly effective and takes you one step closer to get a better return on your investment from a show. 

Gagan Kapoor, Exhibition Consultant

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